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Find out what your capacity is to resist central fatigue and stress.

Training profile will help you achieve goals more efficiently than ever before.

What is a Training profile mySASY?

Diagnostics via a chest strap and mobile app. Measurements take place every morning after waking up. After the first 15 measurements, you will get information about your ability to resist central fatigue and physical and mental stress. Thanks to monitoring the current central fatigue each further measurement will then immediately show you how your body is prepared for the next physical or mental stress.

NEW - further continuous measurements take only 4 MINUTES.

Who is the Training profile for?

For all who want to achieve better results in the most efficient and safe way. It does not matter what sport you do and at what level you train. You will reveal your limits and mistakes in training or lifestyle. You'll find out when to train hard and when it's better to relax.

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How to begin?

Reveal your adaptation capacity!

Explore your capacity to resist central fatigue and load through a determination of your training profile.

Take advantage of the mySASY diagnostic system, which has been developed for top athletes. It is now available to anyone who wants to improve their training. Whatever sports challenge or health. In Freemium you get free access to mySASY and expert interpretation of the results.

Thanks to the tens of thousands of measurements we have done so far, we can identify four basic training profiles. We will determinate and describe your profile and compare it with them! The training profile will show you how the body resists central fatigue and responds to stress. How fast or slow it can regenerate. You can easily see where you have the potential to improve.


1. Determine your Training profile

2. Reveal the effectiveness of your training

3.Get recommendations  for the future

How does the outputs of the Training profile look like?

Four types of mySASY Training profiles

Train smart

and get a new version of the training profile right now!

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Physiological monitoring of an athlete is the best possible feedback. HRV as a biological feedback is a typical representative of physiological feedback. Systematic monitoring of an athlete´s condition is one of the cornerstones for optimal preparation. As there are no simple solutions, I appreciate the opportunity of detailed analysis in 3D graphs, where one can transparently see how the respective results were achieved.

MUDr. Jiří Dostal,

Head Doctor of the Institute of Sports Medicine

Since athletics is an individual sport, emphasizing every training advantage, it is crucial for me to monitor the physical state of my organism and its response to the workload and follow-up regeneration. Thanks to mySASY, I can optimize my training to maximize my benefit for improving my physical condition. mySASY becomes a key solution providing significant information to determine the training load and alerts me before the risks associated with potential overloading. With this information, I have a huge advantage in front of my opponents.

Kristiina Mäki,

Professional athlete, Czech record holder, Champion of the Czech Republic at tracks 1500 m and 5000 m

Versatility plays a very important role in professional hockey players. Monitoring my body's response to individual training units helps me set up an ideal training regime to maximize my potential, improve my condition and optimize my training. Simply I train so my training is as effective as possible. Thanks to mySASY, I can match my form before the game and give better performance on the ice.

Jan Ordoš,

Professional hockey player

Freediving is, in many respects, a specific sport, where we have to trod our own path in training methods and adaptation to training load. mySASY is exactly the tool which can accelerate this learning process and drive divers to new levels.

David Vencl,


What was once available only to professional athletes, and even only sometimes to them, is now, thanks to mySASY, available daily to anyone! At the amateur level of OCR sports I very often meet clients who have the ambition and capacity to be at the top, nevertheless, they systematically and long-term kill their opportunities through poor training unit concepts, insufficient regeneration, inappropriate diet and by ignoring their body´s signals warning of insufficient health. It was then very difficult to persuade these people that their performances could be much better if they managed the mentioned variables and now this purpose is perfectly served by mySASY.

Michal Pokorný,

Fitness and personal coach specializing in OCR

mySASY is a totally new method of training diagnostics which breaks down doubts about training quality in the long-run, as well as in terms of current feedback about training from the previous day. Thereby possible overtraining is eliminated and, at the same time, you can fully and efficiently make use of each subsequent training unit.

David Jílek,

Professional triathlete

Finally, an end to all the uncontrollable “whip and sugar” training methods. Finally, an end to player´s and coach´s fears of extreme maxima (overtraining) or minima (rather don’t complete training), which gradually compromises individuals and teams. Searching for an optimum is the right way to health. The mySASY methodology is a great help in this respect.  

Jaroslav Hynek,

Head coach of FK Dukla Praha

When you are coaching somebody who is the best in the world at his discipline, you have to work hard to achieve marginal gains. You also need the best possible feedback. I´m not aware of any other sports diagnostics which is available at any time, easy to use, provides comprehensible outputs and all this with laboratory accuracy. It´s like a pocket-sized laboratory.

Petr Lacina,

Czech national judo coach and coach of Olympic gold medallist Lukáš Krpálek

Training of cyclists is one of the most sophisticated systems across all sports. Every day even the greatest details are scrutinized. However, up to now, detailed health diagnostics always involved a laboratory examination and measuring. A sophisticated tool for controlling the optimal intensity and volume of sports training, tailored to each individual, has been missing for a long time. Well, not anymore...

SKC TUFO Prostějov,

cycling team

I am absolutely thrilled! Finally, we have in our hands a scientific diagnostic with laboratory accuracy, which enables controlling training units during convalescence and athletes returning to training after illness or fatigue syndromes of unclear origin. Now I´m really starting to enjoy this.    

MUDr. Jaroslav Větvička,

Head Doctor of the Centre for Sports National Team Medical Care

mySASY is not any old application which will measure your heart-rate, burnt calories and travelled distance. It is a fully complex diagnostic which facilitates my communication with my fitness coach or doctor, without me telling them a single word about myself! I enjoy golf, not tables and graphs. But I don´t mind looking at really functional things. So I know if it´s worth it getting out of bed at all :-)

Klára Spilková,

Czech professional golfer

This control method of work in the area of fitness preparation, with which we started working years ago at FC Baník Ostrava football club, in collaboration with associate professor Stejskal and especially in everyday contact with Dr. Šlachta, was literally a revolution! In terms of making planning of development of fitness preparation more efficient, particularly in connection with the cardiovascular system. Quite often I ponder to what degree did it affect the extraordinary success of our players at that time - Milan Baroš, Marek Jankulovski, René Bolf, Libor Sionko or Radek Slončík.

Verner Lička,

President of the Czech Union of Professional Football Coaches

The feedback provided by the mySASY diagnostic system was the very piece of puzzle that was missing in our training mosaic up to now. Now it´s not just about the subjective feelings of me or my trainees. We have in our hands a tool which gives us daily information about how our athletes are reacting to training and stress.

Martina Blažková,

Successful coach of athlete Denisa Rosolová, heptathlete Kateřina Cachová and others

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